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Cleaning Window Treatments: Curtains, Drapes and Mini Blinds

All types of window and door treatments should be vacuumed regularly. This will keep dust and cobwebs to a minimum. Once a year, a more thorough cleaning is usually necessary to remove dirt and odors. Each type of window treatment requires special care.

Washing Curtains

Many curtains can be removed from the rod, machine washed and dried. Read the care labels and follow the instructions. Delicate fabrics may need to be hand washed.

Avoid using the drier for 100% cotton curtains. Instead, hang to dry on a wooden clothing rack or an outdoor line. 

Use an iron to remove wrinkles and hang back on the rod as soon as possible. If the fabric has faded from sun exposure, rotate the curtains to a different window to even out the sun damage on the set.

Cleaning Drapes

Lined drapes are often made from heavier fabric than curtains. Machine washing is typically not practical, though always check the care label and follow directions. There are some good guides at http://ccwindowswinnipeg.ca to check out. If the label recommends machine washing, but the drapes are too big for your washer, take them to a laundromat that has large-sized machines.

Most lined drapes require dry cleaning. Before removing drapes, vacuum thoroughly to remove dust and cobwebs. Carefully remove all hooks and drapery hardware. Hang the drapes as soon as possible when they are back from the dry cleaner to avoid damage along fold lines.

Dusting Mini Blinds

Mini blinds can be the most frustrating window treatments to clean. Regular vacuuming with a duster attachment can keep dust from building up and becoming difficult to remove.

For a thorough, spring cleaning, use a special mini-blind dusting tool. Like the one displayed on this website. These tools have fleece or microfiber fingers that slide over four or five mini-blind slates at once. Slide the dusting tool across the length of the blind, remove and re-insert around the strings. If needed, spray a light dusting spray on the blinds, section by section, as you clean. This type of cleaning is time consuming, but it works.

Instead of dusting by hand, remove the mini blinds from the window and drape over a fence or picnic table on a sunny day. Spray clean with a hose, let dry thoroughly and hang.

Finish spring cleaning by cleaning the window treatments. Always read care labels before washing curtains and drapes. Either machine wash or dry clean, depending on the recommendation. Mini blinds can be thoroughly dusted or washed with a garden hose.

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